Friday, July 15, 2011

Are these valid arguments in favor of the death pentalty?

the main reason you should consider changing your opinion is that God ordered capitol punishment as his justice for 1st degree murder. God ordered cities of refuge where involuntary manslaughter killers could flee and the elders would look into it and there was a process for restoration.. But God puts such a high value on life that the forfeiture of your own life is required. The idea of saying this is cruel and inhuman is to call Gods wisdom and direct edict inhumane. This is why we see backwards world that seems to provide the criminal with more rights than the victims where abortions are legal and capitol punishment is considered inhumane. God said the blood of Able cried out against Cain..and after the flood made specific mention of this standard. The bible is a book of prophecy and has strong evidence as being influenced by the almighty. This authorship to disagree is to call Gods standard unjust and we know God is righteous holy and just. Perhaps we have trouble understanding every command of God but faith is not always agreeing with the things I understand. It is a clearly taught principal from Gods own mouth. This is the strongest argument in favor of it.

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