Saturday, July 16, 2011

Got a question for you ladies,why do you do this?

I see all the time women blaming the nice guy for them going after the wrong guy,you say well if the nice guy wasn't boring or if he took risks I wouldn't choose the bad boy,hmm,so it's boring for a man to be responsible,In short it's not exciting for a man to act like a man?Funny as I here it women say they want a man,well ladies a man doesn't go around playing games a man Is responsible.yes ladies in-spite of what your media driven minds tell you a man does what your so called boring nice guy does and a boy does what your(well the name says it all)bad boy does.Alot why do most of you toss around the word confidence like you know what it means,saying nice guy lack confidence,they don't ask you out.come on now,you can think of a better lie then that,you know that nice guys have asked you out many times and you have either turned them down or broke it off with them because like I said before they didn't act childish so your media driven minds told you that he was boring or lacked confidence or wasn't ladies instead of blaming nice guys for your bad choices,how about you just tell truth you don't want a man you want a boy(bad boy),how about that oh and btw you can hate me and call me whatever you want but you know I'm telling the truth,I'm not one of those guys that come on here agreeing with you just to get your praise! guess nice guys are supposed to just sit and wait for women to grow out of this so called bad boy phase and if nice guy Don't wait they are not really nice right?don't give me that alpha male bs ether,saying that people are like animals is an insult to animals.Animals don't continuously run back to things that hurt them.nice guys are weak?you better wake up,you can let these overrated so called bad boys come on here and blow your heads up with that bull if you want to.ha,bad boys are exciting,you never know what your going to get,yea stability in a relationship is no good,lets all go on this wild ride to hell,women have lost it.

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