Sunday, July 17, 2011

Have you ever got a mega wedgie?

Okay, I'm 9 and my sister is 14. I was eating lunch and my sister popped out. I spit out my lunch at her by accident 'cause I was scared. Then she said "Ill Get Revenge" and you know what? She did! It was the same day she grabbed me by my skirt and pulled it down and grabbed my undies and she had a rope with a hook on it in her room and then she put my undies on the hook and took pictures "which sucked 'cause I was wearing thongs" so then she grabbed the biggest paddle you've ever seen it was 2 feet long and spanked me 20 times real hard like you'll never believe. She left me there and then she punished my with the worst ending. She took of all my clothes and gave me a spanking for 10 minutes which she gave me 93 spanks! In 10 minutes! Then she took pictures of me and posted them on Facebook. And over 30 people saw it. I was so embarrassed so I asked my parents' if I could get a hook in my room for my coats. She bought one that was 3.6' feet taller than me so I got a latter 3 feet taller than me and pulled it down 6 inches which made it a little lower. Then I was playing truth or dare with her the next day and she picked dare so I hung her to my coat hook for 1 hour and than her panties ripped and she was crying. Do you think I got as hard as her for my perfect revenge? Tell me your story's please so I know what this means! Should I get more revenge if it happens again? Should I still give her a mega spanking? Or should I still tell my parents' what do you think! Who ever gives the best answer gets 10 points! Please dont give answers like "This is not real" or "Dumb Question" Real answers please!

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