Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My 1996 Ford Winstar is shaking, A LOT in the speed range of 50 to 65mph. Please, Someone, have an idea!?

My vehicle was running fine. I had a brake job, had entirely new brakes in the back and front. All well and good, then I got up to 50mph, shutter, shake, the faster I got the worse it felt, as if my front tire was going to fall off. turned out my front rt tire was rubbing on the stone guard, so the stone guard was removed. no change...new ball joint on the right, no change...new rear shocks, no change...new right strut assembly, no change. Wheel alignment good, no visible problems with the frame, or the engine mounts. I have spent $1200 and it still Shakes!!! I am going to lose my mind. Please tell me someone can give me some incite...Please??

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