Sunday, July 10, 2011

What do you think, could he like me?

He graduated a few days ago and I asked him if we could still hang out (i'm a junior), he said of course i'll call you up all the time and you'll just have to drop everything and we'll go hang out. When I got home I realized that he doesn't have my number. The next night I messaged him on Facebook that I just realized something. He messaged me back the next night saying what? And that he hadn't been on in a while, so if I had already told him I could tell him again. I then said I realized he didn't have my number. He then said "... Hey Rachelle Richards? Can I have your number? So we can hang out. :)" Then I gave it to him and he said "Thank you. I now have Rachelle Richards number! :D" We talked for a bit and I asked him how grad night went. He said it was fun, but long. Then I said "I heard that there was a hypnotist, and interesting things happened... O.o" He said: "Oh yeah that, it was interesting... But much easier to talk about in person, so we should hang out sometime and i'll explain. :)" We then talked some more and I had to go to bed. Do you think he might like me? He's never had a girlfriend before, so I know he's not a player. We've been friends for about a year and a half, but we've never hung out just the two of us. We've never talked on facebook before either. Any incite will be helpful!

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