Monday, July 18, 2011

What does this guy mean when he calls me cute?

This guy is a senior and he's never had a girlfriend, and never kissed a girl, so I know he's not a player. Lately when I do something funny, or I fail (Like when we were playing frisbee and while I was trying to catch it I ended up reaching for it and fell. Then I picked it up and bowed) he calls me cute. He says things like you are too cute, and you are so adorable. Last night my friend had a party and we were both at it. We ended up hanging out for most of the night and everytime I did something funny he would call me cute. We ended up playing call of duty and I had never played it before, so when I killed a guy the first time I yelled yes and got really excited. He said you are seriously too cute. The first time I noticed him saying that was about a month ago when we were in a musical together. My character was a geek from the 80's, so I had pig tails in and a super geeky dress. He came up to me and said I have no words to describe you but adorable. He said this several times throughout the show adding in you look cute. He is also not a very touchy-feely person, but recently he started waving at me to come give him a hug before I leave. He also calls me by my first and last name, and he doesn't do that to anyone else, so it's kind of like a nick name. I've known him for about a year now, and this is all very new. I'm having trouble deciphering him. Does he like me, or does he just think of me like a little sister. I'm a junior. Please give me any incite that you have!

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