Sunday, July 10, 2011

What should I do with PayPal here?

Hi Yahoo Answers! I have a quick question for you all. Let me first open up by saying I am only 17 years old and I am going to be turning 18 in about 4 months. I recently tried to open up a PayPal Debit Card but I entered in my wrong birthday (it was honestly an accident) and now PayPal rejected my application for the Debit Card. They now want three things for me: My Social Security Card, Drivers ID, and my proof of address. Obviously, I can't send in this information because I am underage. They have placed my account under limit which I can do everything on my PayPal account like I normally can EXCEPT, close my PayPal account. I have 14 days until they place my account under restrictive access. My question is I currently have $300 sitting in my PayPal balance. If I transfer that money to my bank account before they restrict my account they want take that money back? What I mean is they want make my account where I owe money because I transferred the money to my bank account and then they placed it under restrictive access. I plan on sending them my information once I turn 18, which like I said is in four months. Thanks again for all of your help in advance!

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